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We have a stock of some available beats with choruses on give away (reduced prices) and We only sell a project to ONE PERSON. Once you buy a beat with a chorus then recording, mixing and mastering is free. Use 0977381930 for Whatsapp or calls.

1.Bobby East Beat/ Hook – (Mutisekesa)
2. Jae Cash Beat/Hook – (Work it out)
3. Muzo Beat/Hook – (Kuli Ine)
4. Israel Beat/ Hook – (Ndiwe weka)
5. Bobby East Beat/ Hook (The worst)
6. Bobby & Nova Beat/Hook (I want you)
7. Nova (Only Pilot)
8. Daev (Va So)
9. Jae Cash (I love you)
11. Daev & Nova (Super Natural)
12. Daev & Nova (Yo mama)
10. Stevo (Ya bwa)
11. Nova (No Lie)
12. Tiye P (Top Level)
13. Tiye p (Sleeping on me)
14. Daev (Tisobeleko)
15. Nova (Away)

Full production Inclusive……

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